Flower Photos

I took several flower photos that I particularly liked yesterday, and I kept some parameters in my mind when I did so. I recently went to the Philly Flower Show and it was an extravaganza for flowers. What disappointed me however, was my photo taking at the show. For the photographers out there, it seems that if you don't keep in mind that you are inside, want the whole flower in focus and don't want to crank up the ISO, can't have a tripod to carry around, it becomes more difficult to take a really good close up of a flower. This is especially true when the camera and lens you use do not have image stabilization. To explain this for non photographers, you need a small aperture to have a large depth of field, so maybe F8 or F11. You want a faster shutter speed so there will be no camera shake to impact the sharpness, and the third point of the exposure triangle is ISO and the first two parameters mean that ISO goes into territory that might create too much noise (ISO 3200 or 6400) It becomes more challenging and technique needs to be spot on which I wasn't that great at doing for some reason. 

Anyway, my flower shots yesterday were all outside, so much better scenario since more light means more options for the exposure triangle. Here is one: