New Hope Auto Show on Sunday by John Cecilian

I visited the New Hope Auto Show. It is better than most since it has a larger variety of cars than perhaps others that take place all summer long. I got to see one of my favorite classic cars, an old Porsche, always liked that body style. It was warm out but a good day without the rain interrupting the event. 

 Porsche Classic

Porsche Classic

Elmwood Park Zoo Visit by John Cecilian

We went to the zoo in Norristown, PA. Its small but really quite nice. Lots of well-kept animals and perfect for kids to visit. Fed the giraffes and the bisons who both eat the same thing..romaine lettuce which I thought was kind of weird but hey, what do I know. Anyway, here is a nice photo of one of their jaguars. 

cool cat.jpg

Its about time by John Cecilian

So I haven't written on this blog for awhile and I need to commit to doing it more often but time gets away and then I don't think about it and before you know it months go by.  

Anyway, I had a lot of fun last weekend taking photos of a great bike ride in Hunterdon County for the Rapha Racing Ltd company. A bunch of riders doing 70 miles. Took a lot of photos and it was a very nice day. 

 Pushing it up Thatchers Hill

Pushing it up Thatchers Hill

Picking a Christmas tree by John Cecilian

I went to a tree farm this weekend to be with my son and his family to pick out a Christmas tree. Lots of choices, and a beautiful day for finding a tree. I don't cut the tree, just take the photos. 

through the woods.jpg

through the woods

Thanksgiving Weekend by John Cecilian

It is hard not to overeat when there is so much food to choose from. What was of particular success was the pie making and the pecan pie got the best reviews. We made six pies, two pumpkin, two apple and two pecan. Everyone loved the pecan. 

 Pecan Pie on Thanksgiving 

Pecan Pie on Thanksgiving 

When is it sharp enough by John Cecilian

I read a lot about lenses on photography sites, and typically the writers mention when you use a portrait lens...typically between 85mm and 135mm that it is not good for the lens to be "too sharp" because then the model or subject of the photograph will worry about someone seeing every blemish or imperfection.  

But, I don't feel that should be a problem for animals and of course dogs, which I take a lot of photographs of. So using the Zeiss Loxia 85mm 2.4 lens is just fine even though I have to admit that it is crazy sharp. Kind of fun to take a photo and wonder if it is sharp and then look at it and say "holy cow"  Well that is the Loxia. It is expensive but if you rent it instead of buying it, a much better deal. 


 Reflections in a brown eye

Reflections in a brown eye

Back to posting stuff by John Cecilian

Its time to start blogging again, seemed to be away from it for awhile, maybe too busy but I need to write things every day. 

Blogging takes a commitment and it is a good way to maintain a certain amount of discipline in daily life knowing that an entry is important. 

So I will start this new round of blogging, noting that my labrador Jack passed away this past week. He was suffering from diabetes, blindness and just couldn't get around anymore and had lost his appetite. It was time, he was almost 12 years old, a sweetheart dog. 

cuddling a pillow.jpg

Its Car Show Time by John Cecilian

This is the time of year when car shows start to show up in the various towns around New Jersey on the weekends. With the nicer weather, it is fun to spend time outside walking around and looking at old cars, classic cars, and unique cars. As far as photography is concerned, it is harder to find different and special car photos, they can tend to be repetitive after awhile so it is a challenge to find the right angle or different car perspective to make a photo stand out and be more interesting than the normal straight up car photo. 

I think it is a good to take a smaller part of the body and accentuate it, make it stand out. Here is an example below: 


 Dice Dice Baby

Dice Dice Baby